Please come talk to us when it's time for tires. We sell Continental and General Tires and have access to virtually all

tire types and sizes. We have taken full advantage of the great training and testing provided by Continental Tire and

General Tire. This training even included a trip for Jim to the Continental Proving Ground in Uvalde Texas. During this

trip, Jim was able to test Conti-Gen tires head to head with competitors tires. On the whole, he found the Conti-Gens

to be more than competitive, even immensely superior, in some cases.

In addition to Conti-Gen, we have hands on experience with virtually all of the other tire brands. So, please stop by

and let's talk tires.



We tested them in the dry and in the wet. We tested them side by side on identical cars, get out of one car and get right in the second to make comparisons. 


We tried out some off road tires from the General line up.

New rebate on General Tires, come check them out!   



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