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 Auto manufactures use motorsports to develop and improve their products. We utilize the same principle to develop and improve our understanding of vehicles and what makes them work. We are car guys and we enjoy pushing our cars to the limit and modifying them to extend these limits. 

Jim also is now co-driving in a desert trophy truck. We have found that braking and suspension systems are key in "track day" performance. These same systems are present on your daily drivers and are critical in everyday street cars. In the event you need to make an emergency stop or swerve to avoid an accident, these same systems need to perform as the manufacturer designed them. Worn parts, and systems that have not been maintained can reduce the performance of your car when it is needed most. Our experience on track has improved our ability to "feel" how your car may perform when called for. We hope that you never need the full capabilities of your vehicle, but we feel we need to guide you in keeping it in tip top shape just in case you do. 
Paul has taken driving schools with Miller Motorsports Park, Mike Pediford and Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing. Jim has attended 13 road racing driving schools with the Ford Performance Driving School including the Shelby GT350 Track Attack. Both have attended several open track days at High Plains Raceway. We seek out the best training in automotive diagnostics and repair as well as performance driving schools. See the videos and photos to follow to see how we test ourselves and our vehicles.

Here is aome new video from Jim's latest driving school at the Ford Performance Driving School in the GT350 Track Attack Program. Excuse the data on the video, he had some trouble with the set up of the system. The tack map and timing are not functioning properly, but the speedometer and G circle can give enough of a sense of speed. This video is in a 2016 Shelby GT-350 with the Track Pack Option. 



This video is in the schools 2015 Mustang GT with the Performance Pack. 


 This video is from an open track day at High Plains Raceway which is East of Byers, CO. There is club racing there throughout the summer and spectators are welcome.




Try to imagine running 67-70mph off road watching a gps chartplotter so you can advise the driver what is coming up after you land a jump. What a blast. This gives Jim experience at the extreme on how a truck suspension needs to behave while driving dirt roads or offroading. This only adds to his experience base to call on when a customer complains of how his vehicle does while offroading. While we don't know of any of our customers who push their vehicle to this degree, this experience can only increase our knowledge which helps us in dealing with your vehicle's issues. If you aren't buying into that, it is a ton of fun.





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