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We do appreciate everyone who has been concerned about how things are going for us.  Our new ownership, G&S Oil has been very focused on keeping the changes at our location to a minimum, as they'd known and respected us for a 30+ years.  Unfortunately, they had a longtime manager/technician at one of their local locations pass away unexpectedly in February. They thought enough of Tim to offer him the position, which he has accepted (at 2400 S. Downing, near Porter Hospital). Unfortunately, that initially left me short-handed; however, the owners immediately went out and hired my first choice to replace Tim. His name is Mike Martinez and he is an outstanding technician. But more importantly, he is an honest man and a truly nice guy. Everyone seems to love him so far, so come by and meet Mike. As with our recruiting of Mike, G&S Oil (our new ownership) has been terrific in giving us what we need to continue taking care of our long time customers. They are a locally owned, family, business and share our commitments to our customers and employees.
At Broadway Estates Conoco, manager/master technician, Jim Rowledge, has been with us since the spring of 1989. Jim is an ASE Certified Master Technician and is also certified in Advanced Driveability. Jim has participated in several ASE test writing workshops and served on the ASE Board of Governors. Our new technician Mike Martinez is an ASE Certified Master Technician and is also certified in Advanced Driveability. We are very excited that Mike has joined the team and are trying to get Mike into the flow of meeting as many of you as possible, I think you will be impressed, I am! That's us. No service writers. No layers of management to get in the way. If you have a question about your car or our service, just grab anybody and ask. We believe that being the biggest isn't necessarily being the best. In order to stay in business this long, at the same location, we must provide what our clients want. We offer straight-forward, honest service. We diagnose your problems and discuss with you the best ways to repair them. We understand that it's your car, not ours and involve you in the process.
We have taken major steps to stay up with today's automotive technology. We have the equipment required to tackle the most difficult problem.
Cars are changing fast. We seek out the best training available. We are graduates of, and big supporters of, CarQuest Technical Institute. Jim has participated in every "hands on" class that CTI has offered and has acted as an assistant instructor in the second running of each of these classes. Still, there are things that we aren't comfortable repairing, and we will tell you this up front before our education costs you. We have the certifications to assure you that we are on top of our game.
We also understand that the clear majority of automotive problems are simple in nature and don't try to turn them into expensive nightmares for you or us. Preventative maintenance is also a good way for the consumer to keep their cars operating the way they were designed. It also has been a way of taking advantage of consumers in our industry. We try to prioritize these items for you, so you can see the potential benefits to you, without wasting money on needless maintenance. Bring in your owner's maintenance manual and let's talk about it.
Added value
We keep computerized records on your vehicle. When was your last service done? Ask us! If we serviced it, we will have a record of it. Planning a trip? We can check your service records and suggest any items that may insure your trip is trouble free. We have found that with today's hectic schedules, it's easy to forget when services were performed, which can lead to more expensive repairs in the long run. Our long-term customers give us an edge. We then have complete records on their vehicles and can make more educated suggestions on what may or may not be required for trouble free driving. Our records also make warranty repairs easy to verify. We treat warranty repairs as a priority. We understand that your long-term business is much more valuable than turning a quick profit. Our commitment to you is to do whatever possible to service your needs to your satisfaction.
We now have as part of our Website a "My Garage" page where you can peruse your service records, recommended service intervals, recalls, etc. You just need to set up the login information and with a couple days you will be able to see your service records beginning in 2013. Questions? just stop in and ask for help.
Please give us a try.
Meet our Staff 
Jim Rowledge Manager/Lead Technician
Jim has been working in the Littleton area since 1976. He first came to work for this organization in 1983, at our Orchard location, until the lease was sold in 1988. At the time, there wasn't enough business to afford Paul and Jim, so Jim left for a couple years. He returned on a temporary basis in 1989 to see how it worked out. I guess it worked out OK.
Jim is an ASE Certified Master Technician, an ASE Advanced L1 Technician, State of Colorado IM240 Technician, and MACS Air Conditioning Technician. Even with his credentials he is hungry for more training and is eager to learn more. Jim was named the ASE/CarQuest Technician of the Year for 2005. To win this Award Jim had to score the highest in North America on his eight ASE Recertification tests with his L1 Advanced Engine Performance as a Tie Breaker. This is a tremendous award. See the Photos Page to see pictures of the award presentation and photos of the trip to Charlotte for the CarQuest 300 and Coke 600 Races Memorial Day Weekend. Jim has invested tens of thousands of dollars to equip himself to tackle the tough drivability problems. Jim served 6 years on the ASE Board of Governors. ASE is the organization that certifies technicians in North America. Jim has also participated in several test writing workshops for ASE. Jim has attended many clinics and training sessions. See his credentials on display in our sales area.
Jim Rowledge receiving the trophy for Technician of the Year
Jim is a Certified Master Scuba diver. Jim and his wife Debbie have been making an annual trip to the Miller Motorsports Park/Ford Racing Performance Driving School. Jim sold his track prepped 2007 Mustang and replaced it with a 2016 Shelby GT350 equipped with the Track Pack. Stop by and take a look. According to Ford this is the most capable track car they have ever produced.
Jim doing what he loves.
 Mike Martinez
Mike is an ASE Certified Master Technician and L1 (Advanced Driveability). Mike has worked is the Littleton area for the last 13 years. We got to know him a little in classes we all take on an ongoing basis. When Tim got promoted, Mike was my choice to fill the void. While he has only been with us since mid-March 2018, he is fitting in very well. I have been impressed with his craftmanship and attention to detail in all that he does.
Mike is a family man with two young children and is interested in extreme off roading, check out the photos. More photos to come. This is pretty wild stuff!


                                                                                                                              And Yes, Mike is nuts!!

Paul riding off into the sunset of retirement. He is golfing, fishing, working on his Cobra and enjoying his grandkids. He still comes in frequently to check up on me and rub my nose in how great retirement is.



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